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Online Passes

You can watch individual films or get a full pass to watch the lot. There 2 retrospectives that can e enjoyed individually or as part of the festival pass.Pick your choice.

Individual Films

Watch the latest of of Catalan films
  • 7 Catalan features to choose from – new releases + Classics and Specials

Festival Pass

2 weeks of stunning cinema delivered straight to your home
  • 5 Catalan Features

  • 2 Catalan Classics and Specials

  • 2 Short film programmes

  • 2 Retrospectives and exclusive Q&As…

  • Our eternal and sincere LOVE


You are not alone, we love them too
  • 2 sessions to chose from

  • 28 short Films

  • Q&As with both directors

  • Not even vinyl would make you look cooler